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Home Schooling Growth

The European Academy for Christian Homeschooling (TEACH) continues to experience good growth as more and more parents are becoming concerned about the state of secular education.

The number of families home educating with TEACH has grown from 614 at the start of 2015, to over 660.

A vital part of the work of TEACH is our District Representatives. These are TEACH families who have been home educating for a number of years, and assist TEACH by connecting with new & existing TEACH members. Many District Representatives also run homeschool groups, organise promotional events, and run practices for TEACH teams & ensembles at the European Student Convention.

We are pleased to welcome a new member to this invaluable team: Robin & Susan Law in Kent. Robin & Sue have four children and joined TEACH six years ago.

“God called us to home educate our children twelve years ago. God spoke very clearly in the following two years. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and Isaiah 54:13 were the main scriptures God gave us. He confirmed them wonderfully a few years later after we pulled Peter out of a good Christian school. We attended a home educator’s camp in Cefn Lea and the main theme on the programme was these two scriptures. God also brought a very experienced home educating family to our church and they encouraged us greatly. Later God led us to TEACH & ACE curriculum which also had the very same scriptures!

It has been a beautiful journey so far. It has been exciting: fulfilling and life changing. God has taught us and blessed us greatly because we obeyed his calling. It has been sacrificial and lonely at times but, our children are growing strong in the Lord and that is of greater worth than anything this world can give.”


Keep Going

As we head towards the latter end of this term you may be finding that the enthusiasm for homeschooling, which was at its height at the beginning of the academic year, is wearing thin.

There are a lot of factors at this time of year that add to the deceleration of homeschooling gusto. Whether it be the longer nights, the greyer skies, or the colder weather we can often feel downtrodden and washed out.

However, fear not and don’t be downhearted. In these darker days, we as believers always have our constant light, Jesus Christ. His Word is full of truths promising that He is faithful to carry us through difficult times.

In Luke 15:20 we can read about how the Father of the Prodigal Son saw him coming from a distance, had compassion, and ran to embrace him.

Even when we are disheartened and our thoughts have drifted from Him, He is watching and always ready to encourage and comfort us. All we have to do is face Him and He will draw us back into His care.

Friends, have courage and remember that our Saviour is always present to help us and carry us through life’s storms. Whether it be an actual storm or a particularly difficult morning of PACE work – He is there.