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Putting Jesus First

The hustle and bustle of this time of year can be an easy distraction from focusing our attention on what is important.

It is not hard to get utterly consumed with the details of a meal or fall into having a two hour debate with a family member on which colour lights ‘need’ to adorn the kitchen window.

Let us be reminded of the events in Luke 10:38-42 where Jesus kindly reminded Martha that being still to listen to Him as her sister Mary chose to do, was much more valuable than all her preparations.

We should be encouraged as we spend time with family and friends and enjoy the opportunity to share the truths of Jesus.

Even if the turkey does manage to run away let’s remember what He said to Martha:

…“Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.”

Follow Mary’s example this season and don’t be distracted from the one thing that is needed – putting the voice of Jesus before everything else.


TEACH Field Trips

Every home educator loves to go on a field trip! Below are some of the ideas sent in by some TEACH families who have organised field trips for their own children, and as part of one of the TEACH groups.

Make a Pizza! – Penny Hughes

Our group went to Pizza Express – they allow 15 children to make a pizza each. Whilst we waited for them to be cooked we were served squash and then we left with a pizza each. A few parents had a go as well because we only had 12 children. It had to be booked in advance and was FREE. The event took about 40mins in total but then we sat outside in the sunshine munching away and chatting.

Where Milk Comes From – Jane Godden

One of our most memorable home-ed trips was when a group of us went to the local dairy – one of the Mum’s arranged the visit, and we were shown around the dairy, from the huge chilled tanks where the milk was delivered, to the finished yogurt product. And much to our delight we were all given generous samples to take home, all for free!

Looking at Old Buildings – Tara Buck

We have visited many National Trust and English heritage properties. National Trust do a Home Educators card, cheaper than family membership, you need to make your trip on a school day, so no weekends or school holidays, but this is worth the discount and is usually less crowded. English Heritage properties are free to home educators, but you need to book in advance and explain a little about what educational boxes you will be ticking in visiting their property. If you just turn up, you will have to pay normal entrance fees.

A Load of Rubbish – Helen Klemperer

A couple of good trips spring to mind. We went on a free tour of the recycling centre to see all the rubbish being sorted plus a talk. Also a local farm runs free welly walks which are excellent. A guided tour around by the farmer with a chance to taste fresh produce in the fields.

Painting with Water – Rose Lawson

I approached a friend who does watercolour painting and we organized a watercolour workshop. The children were given step by step instructions and they all produced their own watercolour picture at the end of workshop. We took a photograph of them all and it ended up in local paper!