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Order From Chaos

Some people love home educating with ACE because they ARE organised, and so they love the routine. Others love ACE because they are NOT organised and need some structure to keep them on track! Whichever camp you fall into, having discipline and order will help your home run smoothly. Use chore charts, rotas and goal …


No Other Name

“There is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 This remarkable exclamation of the Apostle Peter is even more meaningful as our theme for the year given the timing and location of its delivery. The scene: Peter and John are before the Sanhedrin, on trial for …



The new school year can be an exciting prospect for both student and teacher — a fresh start, which brings with it crisp unmarked report sheets, shiny unused stationary, and a hope that this year, all goals will be met and progress smooth. Yes, this is a great way to start things, but to have …