Conversing at Christmas


Question to a 7-year-old: Do you know what Christmas is about?
Child’s answer: Christmas is Jesus’ birthday, so we all get presents.
Question: Why do WE get the presents?
Child’s response: He’s already got everything!

Good answer! However, there is more to it than that. No one can blame children if they miss the point of the Christmas story as it gets mixed in with tinselled trees, stuffed stockings and Brussels sprouts! At best, there might be a manger scene. Nevertheless, Christmas is a good time to share the true story. The gathering in the stable, celebrating the birth of Jesus, is a great beginning.
Jesus was born in the stable with His family there: His mother, Mary, and Joseph. God is Jesus’ Father but He gave Jesus to Joseph to care for Him on earth, like a father. His Heavenly Father sent Him to earth because He loved us and knew we needed someone to save us from the mess we make of our world. His coming was a great sacrifice: in Heaven He had no needs, no hurt, no enemies, but He gave up His perfect life to suffer these things just like we do. Although He is the King of Heaven, He was born a homeless baby in a stable. Although He created sunshine and all growing things, He learned how it feels to be cold and hungry. Although He commanded an army of angels, He became weak and helpless. Jesus did all that so that He could be one of us on earth and later give His Life on a cross for us. Because of that, we can ask Him to save us and live in us forever. Christmas is a way of celebrating that God came to be with us and will always be with us.