Getting Them Out…


…to university

• Aim to fulfill the Advanced certificate through ICCE and make sure the student completes ALL the work required by ICCE and follows ALL the regulations.

• Don’t  leave submission until the last minute. ICCE has a runway of 6 weeks to process results.

• Before signing up to UCAS, have a good personal statement and reference written and checked so it can be easily posted into the online application form.

• Make enquiries to university admissions outside of UCAS. Explain ACE and ICCE to them clearly and recommend the student.

…to college

• Often, you will have to do a lot of the legwork with college admissions. Always be clear with them about the high standards of ICCE.

• Have the student take a parent to a college interview as this will provide an extra push.

…to work

• Work experience is VERY helpful. ACE students often prove their strong capabilities in the work environment due to their training in achieving goals.