Order From Chaos


Some people love home educating with ACE because they ARE organised, and so they love the routine. Others love ACE because they are NOT organised and need some structure to keep them on track! Whichever camp you fall into, having discipline and order will help your home run smoothly.

Use chore charts, rotas and goal charts to help teach and train your children, ‘little by little, line upon line, here a little, there a little.’

Choose your battles. Is PACE time, lunchtime, bathtime, or a car journey the most challenging part of your day? Pray for wisdom and witty inventions. Zero tolerance of certain behaviours and then concentrating on matters of the heart and character issues can help you deal with challenging situations.

There aren’t any home education formulas, but you do have the promises of God’s Word. If you are convicted from God’s word to home educate, rather than being convinced it is a good idea, your thoughts will be settled, rather than being on a roller coaster of emotions, wondering if you have done the right thing. When your son is crying over his maths, the washing machine has broken, and you can’t find one pencil in the house, then you can have peace and confidence in your heart that this is where God wants you for this season.

Why not contact TEACH with info about what you’ve found helpful when home educating?