Promoting Pre-Teens


As well as developing academic skills, it is widely agreed that students should be given a well-rounded education. This could include developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as nurturing the discovery and growth of their God-given gifts in areas such as music, the arts, and sport.

This is, perhaps, particularly important in the pre-teen years, where students could begin to grow bored with their education if not properly motivated. Enriching their learning, while allowing them to take more responsibility for their progress and choices, will aid in keeping them engaged and excited about their schooling.

We know the PACEs provide a wonderful source of knowledge-based learning, and also incorporate the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills — particularly in subjects such as Literature & Creative Writing — but why not present your pre-teen students with additional age-appropriate problem-solving activities to stimulate their thinking and allow them to come up with creative solutions to everyday problems?

In addition, start working with each student to discover talents they may not even know they have. Don’t limit them — or allow them to limit themselves — to areas they are currently comfortable in. Encourage them to branch out and try something new, whether it be singing, acting, creating a piece of art, or joining a sports team. The European Student Convention provides a unique opportunity to do this, and the junior convention (starting this academic year) is specifically aimed at this age group. This convention provides an opportunity for your students to try new things in a safe environment, where they will receive constructive advice and be encouraged to grow in their gifts.

As Colossians 3:23 encourages us, let us do all we do, as best we can, to the glory of God — and let us help our students to learn to do the same!

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