Spirit Filled Education


“I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever…He shall teach you all things.” John 14:16, 26

Bible-based. Character-building. Christ-centred. These oft-repeated phrases are always on the tip of our tongues when describing the mission of Biblical education and particularly, the Accelerated Christian Education programme. These tenets are vital to the excellence of the education that we give to our students, but there is another essential element to the success of Christian instruction: the constant presence and outworking of the Holy Spirit.
Let us not forget the importance of His indwelling in every aspect of our schools and homeschools. There is no lesson, field trip, or policy that should be untouched by His guidance. His input turns the ordinary into the supernatural. He confounds the wise and the mighty of this world. No training or funding can compete with His equipping. He makes our lives inexplicable to those who don’t see or know Him. After all, who wants to live a life that mere men can explain?
Jesus knew we would need a Comforter. For those in the business of educating children, comfort is often required, but seldom found. Let it not be so in our homes and schools. May we find ourselves as dependent on His daily tutelage as our children are on ours. Let them see that those who can teach them some things, are merely channels for Him who can teach all things.