Standing on the Name of JESUS


During the closing message of ESC 2018, Josh Pike encouraged us not to be passive Christians, but to be active, because God is in the business of transformation. We were challenged not to be happy with the status quo, but to start something new, to make something happen.
Here are a few ideas of how students can start standing on the Name of Jesus today:

Read the Bible with your friends
A simple action maybe, but have you ever, outside of a church setting, gotten together with a group friends with the exclusive intention of learning more about Jesus, together? “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” (Prov. 27:17)

Start something new & exciting
Once you’ve finished your academic studies, you may move on to a college, university or workplace where there might not be an active CU, so you can start one! Why not get started by organising meetings now as part of your homeschool group or school?

Get praying

Whilst you can pray fervently on your own, why not also meet up with friends to pray together. This could be at any time; why not 6am for breakfast?

Don’t just go to church; be a part of it! Why not help at church whether it be in the creche, with teas and coffees, or in the worship band? You could go further afield and serve on a beach mission or as a tent leader at a summer camp, or even go on a mission trip.

Be the change
If your friends are trying to push boundaries and do things outside of what you know is right, don’t be afraid to stand out for Christ. Try bringing Christ into your conversations with your friends. You could start by suggesting doing some of the things above together!

Ephesians 2:10