The Next Chapter


The European Student Convention (ESC) is an amazing, once-a-year opportunity for students who use the ACE curriculum. More than anything, it is a place for ACE students to belong and find purpose—a place to make friends and develop God-given talents for use in His Kingdom.

This part of the ESC story will not change; however, in 2019, ESC will be moving—to a new venue and a new season!
Kingham Hill School is beautifully situated in the heart of the Cotswolds, just four miles away from Chipping Norton. This central location allows for easy access from the M4, M5 and M40. The schools is surrounded by idyllic rolling countryside in a stunning 100-acre estate surrounded by its own woodland.

In addition to its lovely grounds and historic buildings, the school has extensive playing fields and sports facilities, and the accommodation facilities are well-maintained and comfortable. Camping facilities will also be available for those who prefer this option, making ESC more affordable than before.

Perhaps most importantly, Kingham Hill School has a Christian ethos at its core, believing that this provides the best possible basis for their students to grow as public citizens and in personal character.

Along with the change in venue comes a change in time. ESC will now take place in the summer, allowing for better weather. In addition, this will create more time for students to prepare for ESC during the school year and allow more preparation time for those hoping to represent their country at the International Student Convention held annually in the USA.

We are excited about this next season of ESC and look forward to seeing you there!