True Story Project


The True Story Project presents simple, real, ‘behind-the-scenes’ stories of life shared by young Christians.

Read real, honest, gritty stories from anonymous authors.

How it began:
A group of four ICCE graduates recognised a need for encouraging Christian young people and showing others what it means to be a young Christian in today’s world. Their grounding in Christian education gave them a Christian perspective on a number of real-life issues that could be helpful for young people struggling to live a whole life in a broken world.

How does it work?
Each month four new stories are shared on a particular topic, such as ‘relationships’, ‘depression’, ‘prayer’ or ‘expectations’. The hope is that, by sharing stories on relevant issues, young people will be inspired to seek God more, be encouraged that there are others in the same place as them, and be challenged to live differently.

The Aim
The True Story Project aims to tackle some of the questions that we all face about life through stories – the stories of Christians that have gone before and found God.

This isn’t about preaching a point, explaining a theological dilemma, or getting a particular opinion on an issue. It is to bring simple and true stories of ordinary people who live differently because of their relationship with a real God.

The True Story Project is a great example of how ICCE graduates can use their experience of a Christian education to share the love of Christ to those around them. Do you have any stories, or know of an ICCE graduate who has a story or initiative to share?


“My worth is not based in my relationship status, but it is rooted in being loved. Singleness is not my identity, but it is where I’m at right now, and that’s ok. God loves me regardless, and that’s more than enough for me.”


“…the expectations I set myself don’t diminish after just one slip. To admit I’ve failed only highlights the areas where I can grow. The areas that God will show mercy on me again and again.”


“Living authentically has allowed me to challenge the way people view God without even saying anything. This has led to so many great opportunities to represent and explain God’s love and desire for relationship.”