Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the most common questions we are asked by home educating parents interested in or using the ACE curriculum. We hope that the answers will be useful to you. If you have a question that’s not answered below, please do give us a call!


The core curriculum is made up of Maths, English, Social Studies, Science, Word Building, Literature.

For the first six levels, there are Enhanced Learning Subjects for students including Bible Reading & Animal Science.

At certificate level, there are several other electives to choose from such as IT, Languages, Music, & Art.

The curriculum has scripture interwoven throughout all of the various subjects. Each PACE also contains a Scripture memory verse for the student to learn, and one of sixty character traits including diligence, honesty, and truthfulness. Comic strips throughout the PACE illustrate the character traits being used in practical situations.

You can place orders as a retail customer, but you won’t get the 20% TEACH discount. Also, in order to get the International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE), you have to use the core curriculum, and electives approved by the ICCE board.

The average cost of the curriculum is approximately £35 per child per month. This is slightly less for the second & subsequent children in the family as you don’t need to buy Score Keys & Literature books a second time around!

We supply an excellent learning to read programme called ABCs with ACE & Christi. If you want to get started earlier, we also supply a Preschool curriculum.

Early Years

No! Our learning to read programme, ABCs with ACE & Christi, will teach your child to read and provide the perfect start to studying with the ACE curriculum.

You would take your child through the Reading Readiness Test. If your child scores above 80% then they are ready to start on the ABCs with ACE & Christi. Otherwise you would start with the Preschool curriculum.

Your child can take the ABCs Post Test. This will determine if:

  • Your child passes with 100% and is ready to start on the core curriculum.
  • Your child has some learning gaps (less than 100%). You can use the ABCs Review Manual, which is a three-week course, to help fill in the gaps, and then retake the ABCs Post Test
  • Your child is not ready to start the core curriculum, and can either start on the ABCs (4-6 years old), or take the Videophonics course (7+ years old)

TEACH Membership

  • 20% discount on the curriculum
  • Parent training & diagnostic prescriptions for the children
  • Telephone & email support from TEACH staff
  • Access to the International Certificate of Christian Education

You sign up on the shop (, we will process your registration and guide you through the next steps (online parent training & diagnostics for the children).

Once you purchase your membership, you be sent a TEACH Handbook and the TEACH Training PACE. These resources will give you all the information you need to start home-educating using ACE. The TEACH Team is also here to provide you with all the help & support you need on your ACE journey.

Once you have purchased your membership, we will send you logins for your child to take some online diagnostics. These will be sent to us and we will create a diagnostic prescription specific to your child, which will detail exactly which PACEs you need to order.

Home Education

Yes, you just need to notify the school that you are with withdrawing your child. However, you need to bear in mind that in order gain an ICCE certificate, the student must start from PACE 1085 in all subjects. This is the case irrespective of the age of the student.

We do encourage you where possible to get involved with activities such as music, sport, & hobbies which will further your child’s learning experience.

There are a number of TEACH support groups throughout the country. You will be put in contact with your local district representative, who will keep you up to date with events & meetups in your area. There are also 30+ ACE schools in the UK, some of whom run sports days etc. that you can attend.

Our three main events throughout the year are TEACH Camp, European Student Convention, & Christian Educator’s Conference. These are all available to TEACH Members. We also hold some one-off events of which you will be notified.

Yes! You only have to read the testimonies of just some of our graduates to know that the ACE curriculum can equip your child for further education and the workplace.

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