Enabling a generation to be … Qualified to Serve

The International Certificate of Christian Education exists to provide Christian qualifications at a high standard for students studying on the Accelerated Christian Education programme throughout the world.

The International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE) is a Christian qualification for secondary students across four continents. The ICCE was set up to give recognition to work completed over a number of years by students using the ACE curriculum. ICCE graduates continue to gain entrance to colleges and universities around the world.

The ACE curriculum represents the standards set by traditional, knowledge-based education in past generations. It is well known that the Christian church has had a fundamental role to play in the establishing of education throughout the world. The ICCE scheme is committed to these traditional values and to the re-establishment of a Christian voice in the assessment of students’ educational achievements.

UK NARIC benchmarked the ICCE in 2008 and 2011 and found the General and Advanced Certificates comparable to CIE O and A Levels respectively.

For more information about the International Certificate of Christian Education follow this link to the ICCE Website: icce.education