Joshua Dharmanandan - Software Engineer

Joshua Dharmanandan

My parents decided to home educate my brothers and I when I was eight years old. I believe this was the best decision they made for me and my future. Learning with a curriculum based on the word of God blessed me immensely, and continues to be a blessing to me.
I graduated with the ICCE Advanced Level in 2010 when I was seventeen, having taken the mathematics bias, and gained entry to Brunel University to study a master’s degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering in September that year. At university, I found the skills and principles I developed as a result of homeschooling extremely relevant, almost advantageous. Principles like goal setting, self-motivation and time-management are all qualities that are firmly set into a homeschooler’s mind.
I enjoyed being homeschooled; studying at my own pace fuelled my independence and perseverance, while the home environment promoted spiritual growth and character building. It wasn’t all academic either, being flexible with school times meant music and sports training during the day, which allowed the family to have more time together after Dad got home from work, whether it was just ‘chilling’ or some DIY home improvement with him. This also meant we could get away for holidays and trips during off-peak times, although Mum insisted that we make up for the lost work time!

The European Student Convention was definitely the highlight of my homeschool life. It was there that I met and made my best friends, and spending a week with hundreds of other students on the curriculum was so encouraging. Preparing, performing and competing in front of large audiences is proof to the world that homeschoolers aren’t really these shy, quiet people who stay at home. I attended ESC for 6 years as a participant and qualified for International Student Convention, which I attended twice. If I had any advice for a homeschooler, it would be ‘GO TO CONVENTION’. I loved it so much that I have been going every year since I graduated to help as a 24/7 team member!
Recently, God has been speaking to me about music and worship, and he has opened up opportunities for me to lead and coordinate worship at ESC and Christian Camps in Dorset this year. I feel that God used homeschooling to shape my character and skillset so that He could use me in this way.

I am now finishing my third year placement working for Delphi Diesel Systems in Gillingham, and I’ll be going back to university in September. God has blessed me at work and at university so far, and I know the character building of homeschooling has played a massive part in my life and work ethic. It wasn’t necessarily easy being homeschooled; it does require a huge amount of faith. However, if you trust in the Lord completely, He will grant you the desires of your heart – He has definitely proven that in my life.